Happy Marriages Don’t Just Happen

“Man And Woman Before Question Mark” by renjith krishnan FreeDigitalPhotos.netHave you ever wondered why some marriages appear to be so loving and happy while so many others are not? Yes, choosing an appropriate partner – one who matches your level of commitment, your lifestyle preferences and your values – certainly gives you a head start. But scientific studies have revealed some secret ingredients that help marriages to thrive and without which, you may be in for a lifetime of struggle and frustration and perhaps eventual divorce.

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Talking About Love And Not Feeling Loved

Dead End Image Do You Keep Talking About  LOVE…wanting to understand it, longing for others to care about you, yet no matter how much you try, loving relationships seem to elude you?
  • Are your words expressing your desire to show how much you care but your responses continually focus on how you feel, not on the needs and feelings of others?
  • Do you feel upset that other people seem to misunderstand your “good” and “caring” intentions and they respond to you in ways that you perceive as abrupt, indifferent, and uncaring?
  • Do you find yourself feeling hurt and acting out in anger and even rage, thinking to yourself “How dare this person say this, or do this, to me?”

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