Don’t Go to Sleep Mad – Get Back to Love

Burning Heart

Don’t go to sleep fighting with your partner and feeling emotionally upset.  Create a plan, in advance, for how you will handle late night disagreements.  This works best if you and your partner create a plan together, but for your own peace of mind set up a plan for yourself. Continue reading

Relationship Success – Look Forward Not Back

Look forward, not back to create relationship success

Woman Moving ForwardSo many times in my life I have felt disappointment, sadness, even grief, over the loss of something I wanted – a friendship, a lover, an opportunity, a payment.  Sometimes the problem had to do with technology or my automobile or a physical injury.  No matter what the problem was, no matter how devastating and frustrating and overwhelming at the moment, Continue reading

When Stress Takes Over – Where Does Love Go?

Most of you probably know that death of a loved one, moving, and divorce are rated as among the most stressful life events?  But what you may not realize is that even fun-filled, exciting events can also be stressful.  Remember the last time you planned a vacation, organized a big celebration or started a new job or business venture?

When we think about love and loving relationships, most of us tend to gloss over the fact that we will encounter lots of different stressful circumstances and events, some expected, some unexpected, some negative and some that are positive.  How we respond to and handle each of the circumstances that life throws at us will actually determine how much love we feel in our life.  Continue reading