A Call to Bring Healing to the World Through Talk and Touch

  • Do you wish someone could just understand you?
  • Could your body use some tender affection?
  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like for you to be listened to, heard, and touched in such a way that your body feels at ease and your chronic pains dissolve?

Combine Talk and Touch

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The Neuroplasticity of Relationships

  • Do YOU believe the RIGHT PARTNER is out there,

    Video by Sentis

    if only you could meet him or her?

  • Are you seeking diversion, escape or freedom from your current relationship?
  • Would you recognize the RIGHT PARTNER if you met, made a commitment, and shared your home?

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Don’t Go to Sleep Mad – Get Back to Love

Burning Heart

Don’t go to sleep fighting with your partner and feeling emotionally upset.  Create a plan, in advance, for how you will handle late night disagreements.  This works best if you and your partner create a plan together, but for your own peace of mind set up a plan for yourself. Continue reading