Believing in love does not make you loving

Believing it doesn’t make it true

Believing in Love

I was intrigued by this title in a recent article by Mike Hendricks in the McCook Gazette. Although Mr. Hendricks writes about belief at work, in politics and other types of situations, I have used his idea to talk about my favorite topic – Love. Continue reading

Love in the Age of Terror

As I watched the news about recent Jihad attacks, I became glued to the TV. My immediate response was that my life’s work, Healing Through Love, was suddenly meaningless. There seemed to be no point in teaching people about love if we are all facing unfathomable terror and destruction.


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Do You Know Your Love Map?

Love Location Map

When you start out on a long trip toward a specific destination, you need a map, a guideline, something to follow that will lead you where you want to go. In this technological era many of us no longer use physical maps. We tend, instead to rely upon an automated voice or some other navigational system that will tell us the distance, what roads to take, where to turn, and how much longer the trip will take. Most of us do not attempt to take a long trip toward a definite destination without at least some form of guidance and direction. Continue reading