I Love You … I Love You Not

LovebirdsLove is a verb, it involves internal and external action. It is so easy to say “I love you” to someone who is providing what you need in the moment, is pleasing your senses, and is doing and being what you believe is correct. The emotion of love is just that – an emotion. And emotions can be quite fickle, changing in an instant. Continue reading

Accelerate the Love in Your Relationship

Accelerate Love

I Loved Singing Romantic Love Songs….

As a lifelong learner and synthesizer, I have always loved to study a subject in depth and then study a slightly different approach to that same subject and then another approach.  For example, when I learned guitar, I studied folk, jazz and joined a rock band course. Each new instructor thought that he or she had the secret to speeding up or accelerating my learning.  But for me there was no way to rush the process.  Continue reading

Create the Relationship You Want
Not the One You Don’t Want

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to create the relationship you really want with the person you choose?  The Love You Want

Really?  Are you sure?  In my experience so many of us say, in words, that we want to create our special relationship but our thoughts and behaviors reveal the opposite.  If you are busy blaming the other person, feeling sorry for yourself, wanting the other person to change, feeling that you are not good enough or that YOU need to change – any of that – you are revealing that you are not quite ready to create your relationships. Continue reading