Touch Is Good For Your Health

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Remember a time when you stubbed your toe or banged your shoulder against something.  Wasn’t your immediate response to pay attention to that part of your body and perhaps touch it directly in an attempt to soothe the pain?  Picture a little baby, maybe your own.  If he or she just got a booboo, what would you probably do?  Wouldn’t you want to touch that exact place or kiss it and tell your baby that everything will be all right. Continue reading

Imagine Love Everywhere Always

Love Everywhere Always


Valentine’s Day, often February 14th, is the culmination of an entire week devoted to love in many parts of the world.  Imagine spending a whole week focused on showing your love to those you care about!  Imagine continuing that practice every single week for the rest of your life?  What do you imagine your life and your relationships would be like?

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