What Do Women Want?

Women are not all the same.  We come from different families, different cultures and we all have our own unique genetic makeup.  Our life experiences, environment and personal perceptions affect what happens to us and how we respond.  However, we do have some things in common Continue reading

Are You Ready, Willing and Able to Heal?

Are you healthy, happy, energized, and passionate,
awakening each morning filled with purpose, living
to your ultimate potential each day, and feeling joy
and gratitude when your head finally rests on the
pillow at night?

Continue reading

Falling for the Stars – Finding YourSelf


Have you ever fallen for a celebrity, a movie star, a sports figure, or even someone you considered out of your league? But have you ever taken physical falls, often dangerous, for any of them?

Recently, I had a delightful experience speaking with a lady who had a most unusual career, literally falling for some of our favorite celebrities. Continue reading

Touch Is Good For Your Health

First Row fo Speakers

Remember a time when you stubbed your toe or banged your shoulder against something.  Wasn’t your immediate response to pay attention to that part of your body and perhaps touch it directly in an attempt to soothe the pain?  Picture a little baby, maybe your own.  If he or she just got a booboo, what would you probably do?  Wouldn’t you want to touch that exact place or kiss it and tell your baby that everything will be all right. Continue reading