Meeting the Enemy – Becoming Friends

Fighting the Enemy


This post was inspired by an article I read in Family Therapy Magazine. The title was: “Moral Injury Among Combat Veterans: A Healing Journey Through Vietnam” by Sebastian Perumbilly, Ph.D. Growing up in the 1960’s and 1970’s, I was always fascinated with stories about Vietnam, how soldiers imprisoned in a hole in the ground, tortured by sadistic prison guards, or terrified of stepping on an explosive land mine, managed to survive. Continue reading

Desperation to Inspiration – Healing from a Broken Heart

Create Healing


When you feel betrayed, rejected, humiliated and shamed by someone who has meant a lot to you, the result is often a sense of desperation and a broken heart.  The heartbreak you feel can be physically painful, intensely so.  There is no immediate cure for devastating emotional pain. Continue reading

Love, Touch, Sex and Recovery


Where There Is Love There IS A Way.        I have discovered that love is the answer to any question and the solution to any problem. When we see a person who is thinking and behaving in an unloving, hurtful or destructive way, we can be sure that this person does not feel loved, at least in that moment. Continue reading