What Do Women Want?

Women are not all the same.  We come from different families, different cultures and we all have our own unique genetic makeup.  Our life experiences, environment and personal perceptions affect what happens to us and how we respond.  However, we do have some things in common Continue reading

Imagine Love Everywhere Always

Love Everywhere Always


Valentine’s Day, often February 14th, is the culmination of an entire week devoted to love in many parts of the world.  Imagine spending a whole week focused on showing your love to those you care about!  Imagine continuing that practice every single week for the rest of your life?  What do you imagine your life and your relationships would be like?

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Do You Know Your Love Map?

Love Location Map

When you start out on a long trip toward a specific destination, you need a map, a guideline, something to follow that will lead you where you want to go. In this technological era many of us no longer use physical maps. We tend, instead to rely upon an automated voice or some other navigational system that will tell us the distance, what roads to take, where to turn, and how much longer the trip will take. Most of us do not attempt to take a long trip toward a definite destination without at least some form of guidance and direction. Continue reading