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Have you ever fallen for a celebrity, a movie star, a sports figure, or even someone you considered out of your league? But have you ever taken physical falls, often dangerous, for any of them?

Recently, I had a delightful experience speaking with a lady who had a most unusual career, literally falling for some of our favorite celebrities. You may have seen her falling in such TV shows as ER, HBO’s Carnivale, Dr. Quinn, Melrose Place or maybe you saw her tumbling in Ghostbusters, Money pit, Crocodile Dundee, Married to the Mob or Splash. Was that really Meryl Streep or Cher or Madonna? You might have seen Lisa Loving Dalton stepping in to take the falls and perform the difficult movements.

Lisa Loving Dalton Lisa Loving Daltoncreated what some people might describe as a dream career. Who wouldn’t want to connect with leading celebrities, actually sharing the stage with them. She now teaches and performs in Russia, Europe and the Americas which she started as a founding member of BondST.org and is a John Maxwell Founders Circle Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach. This is a lady who not only teaches but has truly been out there in the trenches so she knows what she is talking about.

What I discovered in our conversation on my Healthy Baby Boomers Radio Show is that all was not rosy in her seemingly exciting career. The equal opportunity expected from Women’s Liberation did not reach her bosses. If the boss was not pleased, he might inadvertently leave her name off the credits or make it difficult for her to be hired somewhere else.

What led her into this sometimes exhilarating and often dangerous type of work was her natural, as she says “passion for mastering limits of her physical body.” Even as a youngster she would often attempt to outdo her 2 brothers, driving her bicycle off cliffs in the woods. Her interest in theater led her to train in avant-garde theater where she combined mime, gymnastics, and stage combat. After 4 years at BondST La MaMa Theater in New York City, she was finally hired to stand in for an actor in a film. As a qualified actress, she thought that standing in as a stunt gal would lead to being hired for an acting role. But she got typecast as a stunt gal.

Read her amazing life story in her book, available at Amazon.com

As a top stunt woman, she was rewarded financially but was often battling the male hierarchy for recognition and to receive her fair acknowledgement. And then when the universe started providing the message that it was time to stop doing this, she chose to not listen. The death of a colleague from a preventable accident should have been enough of a message but she chose to take one more stunt job – which was her downfall. this final stunt led to a crippling injury that she talks about in more detail during our interview.

Now, Lisa is pursuing her original love – theater. A master acting teacher, award-winning director and producer of independent fiction and documentary films, she is a lady with abundant wisdom to share.

I asked her how she was able to perform dangerous feats without giving up, saying “No”, or backing down. She described the little mind trick she uses – and it works.

  • Pretend it’s easy
  • Move and breathe with ease
  • Create a feeling of ease
  • And then just do it easily and effortlessly

Listen to the story of this amazing lady’s struggle to excel in a man’s profession and a man’s world.

Falling for the Stars – A Stunt Gal’s Tattle Tales

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8 thoughts on “Falling for the Stars – Finding YourSelf

    • Dr. Elise,

      When we are struggling and feel as if there is no hope and no support, just one inspiring story can make a huge difference. Your new project, sharing the stories of amazing moms, will inspire women around the world and help men to appreciate all that women do for humanity.

      Dr. Erica

  1. Lisa sounds like a fascinating person and I imagine she has a wealth of stories about her experiences. I like her list of tips, especially pretend it is easy. It think it’s so easy to get hung up worrying about what could go wrong that we end up creating imaginary obstacles to keep from taking a risk. Inspiring story!

    • Hi Marquita,

      Yes, pretending it is easy is a good way to approach new and unfamiliar and even risky events.
      I have jumped into creating summits, not knowing how many people would agree to be interviewed,
      not knowing whether the videos would come out okay, not knowing if the web pages would be appealing.
      You have recently created a wonderful EBook featuring incredible women who have done just that –
      jumped into uncharted territory without knowing in advance how it would work out.
      But if we don’t jump in and take the challenge, we never know what could have been possible.
      Now I am planning my 3rd summit and the level of anxiety is so much lower because it has become
      familiar. I am sure that Lisa felt incredible fear sometimes but once she had done certain
      dangerous moves a few times, she knew it could be easy and approached it that way.


  2. Hi Dr Erika

    What amazing story and I amazed by Lisa and her achievement. Thank you so much for sharing this information. Take Care

    • Ikechi,

      I keep interviewing incredible people on my radio show and have only recently begun to share about them in my blogs. Lisa’s powerful life’s work and her story about resilience after injury is so inspiring that I was prompted to share it here.

      Dr. Erica

  3. Not only is her bravery in stunt work admirable, so is developing a new career after injury. That shows resilience and determination. I will remember her mind trick, albeit for less physically dangerous situations.

    • Sue,
      I love hearing about people, especially women, who have overcome barriers in business and in life and then continue to productively share their knowledge and insights. She is an unusual person because she was so atlhetically inclined and used her abilities in some really dangerous situations.
      Glad you can use her simple technique to handle uneasy situations.

      Dr. Erica

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