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Our society is at a point of crisis within our healthcare system.

When I was a child, the medical doctor used to come to our house carrying his little black bag.  He knew each one of us in the family, for years, so he had a baseline knowledge of our health and wellness.  And he spent time with us, talking, testing and treating us.  We all felt good about our medical treatment.  The approach was preventive and using the least invasive, mostly natural remedies.  The doctor was a dedicate healing professional, not being funded by pharmaceutical companies.

I no longer think of most medical doctors as healing professionals.  Instead, they have become more like disease and symptom suppressing practitioners.  When my blood tests appear to be totally within normal range, they almost rush me out of the office, at times with the attitude that I am taking up their precious time that is needed for others with “real” illnesses.  That attitude and approach does not feel good for someone, like me, who wants to understand my symptoms and natural healing options so that I can maintain my health indefinitely.

After a visit with a doctor, regardless of his or her specialty, I tend to leave the office feeling not understood, not treated, and still not knowing the best approach to follow for my own optimal healing.  At times I am even afraid to reveal my symptoms and get tested because if something out of the ordinary is discovered I may be swept into a medical system that feels like a prison sentence leading to further illness and even death, not a health and wellness program.

I reach out, instead, to a natural herbal doctor from Africa who greets me with a smile and happy assurances that these special teas will cleanse my system and strengthen my immune system.  I purchase protein powders, antioxidant and other supplements, seeking to return to robust, invigorating health.  But many products and treatments are expensive and I am still not sure if they are exactly what my body needs.

Which treatments and which systems do you choose when confronted with an illness?

In my search for health and wellness, I have interviewed some leading natural health practitioners working with many different types of healing methods and nutritional components.  The answers do not come easily.  Each practitioner is touting their own protocols and supplements as “the” solution.  But each of us has a different constitution, a different genetic makeup, different lifestyle habits, different life circumstances, different emotional responses, and differing levels of support from the people closest to us.

For some people, just following the medical doctor’s diagnoses and prescriptions and hoping for the best is the choice they make.  Others, many who have gone the traditional medical route and ended up close to death’s door, seek alternative methods and find alternative health solutions that work for them.

Take some time to listen to the amazing interviews on my Healthy Baby Boomers Network Radio Show.  These best selling authors, functional medicine practitioners, alternative healthcare professionals, medical practitioners and therapists have researched and practiced and helped thousands of clients to heal from illnesses that were deemed “incurable” and “death sentences”.

Let me help you unravel the mystery of your own physical and emotional ailments.
Together we can find the best and most affordable solutions that work for you.



Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me Complete Book
Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me Complete EBook
Touch Me … Please Book
Touch Me … Please EBook
Heal Me … Please Book

Heal Me … Please EBook
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Healing Happens
Love In The Blizzard Of Life
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Dr. Erica Goodstone is a Spiritual Relationship Healing Expert helping men and women heal their bodies and their relationships through love. Having presented her comprehensive relationship healing programs throughout the U.S. and Canada over several decades, she has helped literally 1000's of men and women to heal through learning how to love. Dr. Erica believes "Where There is Love There IS a Way". When you love, accept, listen and pay attention to your body, trust your own sense of what you truly desire, and strive to understand, appreciate and really know the other people in your life, anything and everything is possible.

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