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Dr. Erica Goodstone is here to talk to us today about love – creating love, overcoming barriers to love, and discovering what it takes to keep love and passion alive over time.  Dr. Erica’s training and background is extensive. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Marriage Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist for over 3 decades and more recently a Board Certified Personal/Life and Health/Wellness Coach,

With her focus on the prevalent issues of our time, she presents cutting edge scientific research as well as poignant real-life examples of individuals and couples who struggled and were able to heal their relationships through learning how to love.

A prolific writer, Dr. Erica was voted one of the top 20 EzineArticles.com Showcased Authors out of 400,000 Expert Authors.  She writes extensively about how to create loving relationships in her articles, blogs, book chapters, Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me book series and in her romantic novel Love in the Blizzard of Life.

Dr. Erica’s unique method of body mind awareness therapy has worked wonders for the thousands of individuals and couples who have had the good fortune to experience her gentle, sensitive and powerfully transformative work.  One lucky individual or couple from today’s audience will receive the gift of a FREE series of sessions working directly with Dr. Erica either in her private office or through an online Skype chat.  You MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN so stay seated and be prepared for a healing journey to your own heart.

Please help me welcome Dr. Erica Goodstone

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Dr. Erica Goodstone is a Spiritual Relationship Healing Expert helping men and women heal their bodies and their relationships through love. Having presented her comprehensive relationship healing programs throughout the U.S. and Canada over several decades, she has helped literally 1000's of men and women to heal through learning how to love. Dr. Erica believes "Where There is Love There IS a Way". When you love, accept, listen and pay attention to your body, trust your own sense of what you truly desire, and strive to understand, appreciate and really know the other people in your life, anything and everything is possible.

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