Meeting the Enemy – Becoming Friends

Fighting the Enemy


This post was inspired by an article I read in Family Therapy Magazine. The title was: “Moral Injury Among Combat Veterans: A Healing Journey Through Vietnam” by Sebastian Perumbilly, Ph.D. Growing up in the 1960’s and 1970’s, I was always fascinated with stories about Vietnam, how soldiers imprisoned in a hole in the ground, tortured by sadistic prison guards, or terrified of stepping on an explosive land mine, managed to survive. Continue reading

Relationship Success – Look Forward Not Back

Look forward, not back to create relationship success

Woman Moving ForwardSo many times in my life I have felt disappointment, sadness, even grief, over the loss of something I wanted – a friendship, a lover, an opportunity, a payment.  Sometimes the problem had to do with technology or my automobile or a physical injury.  No matter what the problem was, no matter how devastating and frustrating and overwhelming at the moment, Continue reading

Speak Up – 3 Steps to Having that Important Relationship Conversation

We have all heard that relationships require good communication, honest and open sharing about what truly matters.  However, most of us can easily fall into a rut in which we attempt to talk about the elephant in the room but our partner stops us in our tracks.  For many of us it seems easier to just let it go than to keep harping on a difficult issue.  What would you do Continue reading