What Do Women Want?

Women are not all the same.  We come from different families, different cultures and we all have our own unique genetic makeup.  Our life experiences, environment and personal perceptions affect what happens to us and how we respond.  However, we do have some things in common Continue reading

Intimacy Pact – How Have You Created Yours?

Believe it or not, we all create our own intimacy pact with our most significant partners and INTIMACY PACTwith everyone else in our life.  We allow a certain amount of closeness, a certain degree of allowing the other person to know us, depending upon the specific Intimacy Pact we have created for each relationship.

Some of us appear to be so intimate with everyone, even total strangers.  Notice the apparent amount of self-revelation on Facebook and other social media sites.  Pay attention to what you see posted on social media and what you know about that same person in their actual life.  I have seen, in many cases, an extreme discrepancy. Continue reading

Speak Up – 3 Steps to Having that Important Relationship Conversation

We have all heard that relationships require good communication, honest and open sharing about what truly matters.  However, most of us can easily fall into a rut in which we attempt to talk about the elephant in the room but our partner stops us in our tracks.  For many of us it seems easier to just let it go than to keep harping on a difficult issue.  What would you do Continue reading