What Do Women Want?

Women are not all the same.  We come from different families, different cultures and we all have our own unique genetic makeup.  Our life experiences, environment and personal perceptions affect what happens to us and how we respond.  However, we do have some things in common Continue reading

Do You Know The Secret For Creating A Long Lasting Happy Relationship?

Attractive Couple

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How High is Your Relationship Trust Rank?

This post was inspired by Sherman Smith’s Blog How Do You Build Trust Rank?

The Value of Trust

Balance by Salvatore Vuon, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Balance by Salvatore Vuon, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Trust develops when we do the right thing, even if nobody else knows but our partner, our business associate, our child or our friend.  If you made a date, saw the person sitting at the coffee shop table or waiting at the bar, and decided there is no attraction, what would you do?  Would you quietly slip out the door and let that person sit alone, waiting…?  Continue reading

A Loving Relationship is NOT an Olympic Event

Love is Too Difficult

  • Does creating a loving relationship feel like a monumental task?
  • Are you trying harder and harder with less and less satisfaction?
  • Did you think that life would be so much easier if only you had a partner?
  • Have you actually given up on finding love or doing what it takes?  Continue reading